Our innovative BOLT Clinical software solution is designed 
to organize members of your clinical team by adapting
and enhancing their unique workflow. Physicians, nurses, therapists, and specialists accomplish more work with less effort while meeting your hospital’s high standards for quality while also ensuring your facility gets paid.
BOLT is currently supercharging Meditech
throughout the Memorial Health System
with these amazing results
Time to close charts down 72-79%
Clinic Visits up 15-31%
Physician EHR satisfaction up 56%

Over $25,000,000 in increased annual revenue*

* Projected for 2021​

Brilliantly simple software

Key clinical features

BOLT facilitates teamwork with intelligent, efficient assignment tools to help divide the workload and get your team organized.

Rounding List

Care providers can sort their rounding lists, prioritize patients who are ready for discharge, and stan organized throughout the day.

New Patient

Checkouts from the ED and direct admissions are added to new patient queue that’s visible to the entire team, allowing care providers to work collaboratively to share and manage workloads.


Clinician notes are fast to generate and easy to

read, ensuring critical details are communicated

while saving your team precious time.

Multiple Data
Entry Options

BOLT provides rapid, easy-to-use data entry tools

to meet every user's preference and needs. From powerful, cloud-based voice recognition, to preselected templates, to shorthand, there’s a

data entry option that works for everyone.


More than one user can work on the same

patient record at the same time without

interfering with each other's work.

Clinical Decision
Support & Rules

CDS is unobtrusively integrated, ensuring patient protection and meeting CQMs, without interfering with your clinicians' workflow.

Automated Present-
on-Adminstration Technology

Avoid paying the price for patient complications

your facility didn't cause. BOLT provides unobtrusive reminders to document present-on-admission status.


BOLT makes it easy to capture the right CPT codes

for procedures and notes. The system automatically exports data to your accounting system to facilitate efficient, accurate billing.


With BOLT, certified physician order entry is up to

five times faster than other leading EHRs, based

on certification Safety-Enhanced Design reports.


The always-available timeline provides an

on-demand, temporal review of a patient’s care, putting critical details at users' fingertips.


No matter how far users dive down into other tools,

all it takes is a quick tap of a finger to access vitals, labs, and studies.


BOLT helps protect patients by automatically assessing each patient's blood clot risk, aggregating and displaying current VTE treatments, and facilitating prescription of the appropriate treatment.


Patient pictures are always present, increasing

safety and facilitating memory of patient details. Pictures of wounds and other clinical conditions are worth a thousand words.

Certified, proven
and time tested

Our BOLT software solution is certified at the highest level by leading industry regulators and affiliations.

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