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BOLT Connect is a revolutionary phone and communication system that connects clinical staff with each other and the resources they need to keep patient care moving. No special hardware or software is required.
What’s the transfer
number for that hospital?
Who is the doctor
taking admissions?
What’s the number
for the lab?
Who is the doctor taking
care of this patient?

Brilliantly Simple Communications

BOLT Connect supports any smartphone.


No special mobile application or phone installation is required.

All communication is achieved through voice or texting. 

All users’ contact details are comprehensive and easy to find.

An example of how voice communications are made
At BOLT's voice prompt, say your patient's name

"Mary Smith"

Then say which team

or "Hospital Medicine Team"

or "Cardiology"

or any other BOLT team


Notify a team of a New Consult

"New Consult"

Follow the voice prompts
Multiple Steps

"Stat Consult 

   for Cardiology"

Ask for
a department

or "Radiology"

or "Cath Lab"


An example of how text communications are made


Admit hospitalist

Hospitalist Team

Attending Physician

Sam Jones




Admit Cardio


Attending Physician

Frank Edwards



Dr. Smith

Dr. Tom Smith

Phone is


His hours are


What our clients are saying

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