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Brilliantly Simple Software

BOLT Products
Supercharge your electronic health record 

BOLT is a brilliantly simple software solution that enhances your existing enterprise EHR, augmenting its clinical functionality and restoring your health system's efficiency, effectiveness, and clinical staff satisfaction.


BOLT originated out of a hospital-based medical practice, and so usability, clinical

flow, and teamwork are at the heart of BOLT‘s design. The innovations within BOLT

are over 20 years in the making and are now ready for you. We continue to challenge

the status quo, shaping the future of clinical software.


Our birthplace and partner in this endeavor is Memorial Health System in Marietta, Ohio. We have the data to show that BOLT has transformed and secured the future of this health system - and now we can do the same for you.  

Allow patients to flow intelligently through your system using our BOLT Clinical software solution.
We solved critical and typical communication challenges with our BOLT Connect communication system. 
The Company

MedOne Systems is a systems and software company that originated out of a medical practice. We use what we build.

Our story

MedOne Systems began as a physician medical practice based in Columbus, Ohio, where we built our own software to help with patient care. Our doctors and software developers worked side-by-side, and this is a critical part of our story.  It shaped the way we think about and build software, resulting in a solution clinical staff actually want to use.

In 2012, MedOne Systems transitioned into a systems and software company, partnering with Memorial Health System to build technology and collaboration tools for all clinical staff across the organization. To this day, we continue to work alongside the clinical team to drive innovation, improve operations, and support high-quality care.

Our purpose

To Fix Healthcare.
Lower costs, better care, and restore the passion for the practice of medicine. 

Work here

Join our team

Join a company that has a mission to transform healthcare and save community hospitals. 

We are looking to expand our team, both onsite and remote, with developers and technologists.


Here you wont find a dress code, bureaucracy, unnecessary hierarchy, or big egos. It's all about value generation for our customers... and having a little fun along the way.

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