IT Support Technician

No need for encyclopedic perfection, but a sound ability to figure things out is important.

You must have a good all-round administrative working knowledge of

  • Windows environment

  • Networks

  • Exchange

  • Server support


You will have to 

  • Enjoy engaging with people on a regular basis.

You will work with technology, but also with people using technology.


  • Be able to communicate clearly – both written and spoken. 

Most interactions with our valued users are over email and phone. 


  • Be an adult – over 18 years old, live in the United States of America and be allowed to work here, have a driver’s license, own transport, be able to manage your time and priorities and be a self-starter. 

No hand-holding or micro-managing in our culture!  


  • Want to get things done.

We are not clock-watchers but rather results-oriented.  Slaving away forever without results does nobody any good. 


What we can offer you

  • Market-related, competitive salary and benefits. 

Yes, the terminology is lame, but come in for a chat and we will show you how much we value our team members. 


  • A fantastic, multi-national team with interests and abilities that will rub off on you if you want it to. 

Keen to learn something related from a team member?  That can happen. 


  • An environment where you get to make your own way. 

Have a good suggestion to improve things?  Have at it!  You get to see the results of our labors in rapid time. 


  • A modern office with proper ergonomics, snacks, drinks and most importantly, decent caffeine. 


  • A professional, yet fun and mature work environment. 

This cannot be overstated enough – we really do try to make this a great place to be. 

MedOne Systems Headquarters

401 Matthew Street
Marietta, Ohio 45750

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