We build healthcare software that actually works
Our BOLT product has changed the way EHR systems are designed. It is a model that considers the way clinicians do their work. Because your clinical operation is more effective and efficient as a result, the length of stay drops and Clinical Quality Metrics are met. With BOLT, everyone wins - from your patients all the way to your CEO.
For providers, nurses, and therapists, BOLT facilitates more efficient teamwork. It makes a significant impact across a wide range of metrics and patient outcomes, including time spent with patients, readmission rate, and patient volume. BOLT makes a difference everywhere it counts, ultimately resulting in millions of dollars of savings for the health system each year.

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We take the incredibly complex clinical world of medicine and create a brilliantly simple software experience that delights users and unites their efforts to bring patients what they value: safe, high quality and efficient care.


Join our team

Get on board early and play a hands-on role in a transformation that will up-end the current EHR environment and change the landscape of healthcare for the better. You will not find a dress code, bureaucracy, a hierarchy, or big egos. Our team of practising clinicians and forward-thinking software developers works collaboratively, and we all do whatever it takes to get the work done.


We are looking to expand the team.  If you are passionate about enabling people to be greater at what they do, then this just might be the place for you. You get to have an active role in making the world a better place for the people using our system, while at the same time working shoulder-to-shoulder with a unique team of like-minded value generators. 




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